“We don’t sell fear, we sell education. We teach people what the tax issues are and how to overcome them. Our first step is to raise awareness of what tax issues exist and what the solutions are. Our second job is to deliver solutions to a consistently high standard.”

Mike Stalley, FiscalReps CEO

When it comes to tax, knowledge is everything

In an ever-increasing compliance driven environment, training employees in premium tax and VAT compliance has never been more important.  Premium tax and VAT rules can be complex and at times open to interpretation.  The costs of getting it wrong can not only be high financially but also damaging to a company’s brand and reputation.

Why FiscalReps?

As the only company focused specifically on this niche market of international tax compliance, FiscalReps has established a reputation as the leading experts in this field for providing in-depth knowledge and quality of service that is unrivalled.

FiscalReps offers a range of training courses including VAT, IPT, country specific, technical and bespoke.