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FiscalReps Meets Austrian Tax Authority

In order to further strengthen relationships and follow up with open queries, FiscalReps held a number of successful meetings with the Austrian Tax Authority and clients in Vienna in February.

Cyber - Continued Evolution

Cyber insurance is currently the most dynamic line of business and is predicted to grow from currently USD 2.4bn annual premiums to USD 20bn by the year 2020.

Building Our Global Reach

FiscalReps is an independent specialist indirect tax consultancy, established in 2003 and now a market leader in premium taxes globally, serving over 380 clients around the world.

IPT Alert: Greece - Clarifications on Greek IPT Published

The new Independent Government Income Authority has published clarifications on the rules concerning Greek IPT in a recent circular (POL. 1028/22.2.2017). The circular clarifies the exemptions available as well as providing details on the treatment of fire insurance policies covering tobacco leaves and cancellations of policies.

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